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Conclusion of PPA

Financial Settlement Center signs Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) (download the standard form of PPA, pdf) only with auction winners.

Auction winner submits an application to sign PPA with financial settlement center within 60 (sixty) calendar days after being included in the list of energy producing organizations using renewable energy sources.

To sign PPA, auction winner should:

  1. Send a written application of the established form to Financial Settlement Center with an intention to sign PPA;
  2. Submit copies of constituent documents:
    • Charter;
    • Certificate of state registration of a legal entity;
    • Certificate of tax registration.
  3. Submit a document confirming the authority of the person to sign the PPA:
    • The decision on appointment to the position of the Head;
    • Order (power of attorney) on a person who has the right to sign the Agreement.
  4. Information on the planned volumes of electricity supply in the prescribed form with a monthly breakdown for each year of the 15-year PPA;
  5. A copy of the written notice of auction results.

Auction winners are required to provide financial guarantee of the fulfillment of the terms of the PPA in the form of a bank guarantee or a stand-by letter of credit within 30 calendar days from the date of signing of PPA. Read more about how to provide financial guarantee of the fulfillment of the terms of the power purchase agreement in the relevant section of our website.