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Stations Agreements

 To meet the forecast demand for electric power, the single purchaser concludes purchase agreements for the maintenance of electrical capacity readiness (in order of priority):

  1. with the winners of the tenders for the construction of generating plants newly commissioned (the individual tariff, the volume and terms of purchase are established by the authorized body);
  2. with existing energy producing organizations that have entered into an investment agreement for modernization, expansion, reconstruction and (or) renovation with an authorized body (individual tariff, volume and terms of purchase are established by an authorized body);
  3. annually with the operating energy producing organizations, which include heat and power plants, at the ceiling tariff for the service to maintain the availability of electrical power;
  4. annually until December 25 with operating energy producing organizations for the upcoming calendar year based on the results of centralized trading in electric capacity at prices and in the volumes that were formed as a result of these auctions.

In order to conclude purchase agreements, the electricity generating organizations provide the Single Buyer with the following documents:

  • copies of title documents
  • information about the details of the legal entity (bank details, address, contact numbers, email address).

Model agreement for the purchase of services to maintain the availability of electrical power.